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About us

Amomicasa is an architectural firm specializing in sustainable construction. In the word sustainable we condense the care of the environment, the almost zero consumption of energy and the well-being when living in a natural space, free of contaminants. To achieve this, our strongest tool is the widespread use of wood as the material for our buildings.

We are specialists in building detailing to assure the best benefits in the use of wood. Amomicasa offers environmentally ethical answers for beauty and wellness.



Federico’s story

My first steps – My academic training as an architect in Buenos Aires was simultaneous with my job at a small architecture firm dedicated to retail design and small middle-rise housing buildings. A sequence of professionals mergers of my mentor architect took me to a growing assumption of project responsibilities. Few years later, I was holding challenging positions within the most ambitious real estate developments in Argentina. I assumed the coordination of engineering consultancies of enormous housing skyscrapers, linking communication between designing teams.

SaAS – For nearly a decade I worked at SaAS, developing the role of project manager. Those tasks included the entire process from initial contest, design and construction management up to as-built documentation. The professional commitment of SaAS was focused on technological innovation to meet sustainable solutions. As a continuation of my previous experience on technical aspects of architecture, I assumed cross-cutting Building Technology functions at the office. I worked on building detailing for most of the firm projects which had to incorporate the results of the firm’s own research on materiality and energy efficiency. The combination of my specific building knowledge and my new training on green building certification programs, also led me to be in charge of commissions on product design and certification consultancy to other companies.

Amomicasa – The establishment of my independent office coincided with my search for a change of scale. Harboring into home commissions was a strategy to incorporate stricter Health criteria on design. Deepening on the benefits of wood and verifying the high standards it allows to achieve, has led me to transform Amomicasa into an architecture firm mainly committed to building in wood. I work in collaboration with several architects but it is with Lupe that we have built our own language marked by coincidence in a way of doing things.

Lupe’s story

Since my beginnings in the world of architecture and design, I have done both new and refurbishment works. I have participated in projects as diverse as hotels, schools, laboratories, research centers and housing reforms. I have been able to contribute with innovative and creative ideas. I’m an entrepreneur, I also know that less is more. I am convinced that we can all live in an environment that adapts to our changing needs, and that it has to be a pleasant and comfortable place.