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A vegetal economy

BASES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A CIRCULAR VEGETAL ECONOMY OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Graphic synthesis of a circular vegetal economy. The following scheme intends to synthesize the interrelation between various groups, agents, institutes, associations and public bureaus that participate in a forestry productive circuit serving the construction of buildings and the production of wooden objects. This conceptualization could serve as the basis for setting up transverse organizations for the promotion of wood. How to read this scheme: - Color wheel indicates...

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A wooden world

Environmental challenges. Today we are at a moment in history that seems to be a transition to new models of organizing our society. The exploitation of natural resources of the planet and the abuse of an open cycle of production and consumption of energy has led to the alteration of the balance of Earth. Evidence of this disorder is most famous global warming. Wood as a solution. Even if we assume the irreversible effects of climate change, it is essential...

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The snail peers into the Web

Since the Amomicasa snail became the symbol of this professional project, it has been thinking long before launching into the digital world of communication. That is why this space for reflection, curiosity, criticism and proposal exists right now. The topics to expose and debate will surely have wood as the main character. We are interested in observing the transformation of architecture that will respond to the new demands of the century. Energy, environment and health -in its broadest interpretation- will...

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